The Dyes category includes a diverse range of colourants used in a variety of sectors to colour and enhance materials. They are organic or inorganic chemicals that absorb and reflect light selectively, delivering aesthetically pleasing colours.

Reactive Dyes

The category of Reactive Dyes includes a specialized variety of colourants, commonly used in the textile industry. They are well-known for their strong affinity for fibres, and long lasting colour effects that can tolerate sun exposure as well as washing processes. Acid Dyes

Direct Dyes

The Direct Dyes category includes a wide range of colourants that are commonly employed in the textile and dyeing industries. These dyes are most notably used on cellulosic fibres like cotton, viscose, and protein-based fibres like silk and wool.

Direct Matching Shades

Paint, fabrics, graphic design, printing, and cosmetics are among businesses that employ direct matching hues. They give a dependable method for achieving colour uniformity and accuracy across a wide range of materials and applications.

Specialty Chemicals

The Specialty Chemicals category includes a wide range of chemical compounds designed and manufactured to fulfil different demands and uses. They provide right solutions for a variety of processes, including surface treatment, adhesives, coatings, catalysts, and additives.


Dyes Intermediates

Organic chemicals that undergo chemical interactions to create complex dye molecules are commonly used as dye intermediates. These chemicals are carefully chosen and synthesized to provide the final dyes precise colour qualities and features.

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